Parent-Child Services

EOTC promotes child development and strengthens families through early child screenings, pre-kindergarten activities, parenting classes, and other meaningful assistance. For information, contact the EOTC Scranton Area Family Center at 348-6484.

Parents as Teachers/Early Head Start

Parents as Teachers is the flagship curriculum for Pennsylvania Family Centers. Certified specialists work with parents during the early critical years of their children’s lives, from conception to kindergarten. Parents as Teachers home visits emphasize positive parenting, school readiness, and overall family well-being.  Activities include guided parent-child interaction, healthy development screenings, and information/referral.  The program is open to any family in Lackawanna County looking for a high quality evidence-based early learning program for their child.  Outcomes show that the Parents as Teachers program gives children a stronger start in life and greater success in school.  We believe that PARENTS are their children’s FIRST and BEST teachers.  Call today to learn more!

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Play & Learn Group

This weekly early learning program for young children and their parents encourages socialization and experiential learning through play. Group sessions focus on early literacy and child development, and address relevant parenting topics. The program is funded entirely by local donors.

Incredible Years®

One of the biggest challenges facing parents is to help their children handle strong emotions, particularly negative ones like frustration and anger.  The research-based Incredible Years® curriculum helps parents foster their child’s confidence, problem solving abilities and learning skills.  Three distinct programs are available to address typical child behavior concerns as well as specialized needs such as autism and hyperactivity.

Parents/caretakers of children ages 3-12 are invited to register by calling 348-6484. EOTC offers meals, transportation and childcare to participants.

Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance

EOTC/Scranton Area Family Center is affiliated with Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance, the state’s leading provider of training on how to recognize and report child abuse and neglect.

EOTC works with other state, national and local organizations to promote the safety and well-being of children through research-based prevention and education models. Cost-benefit analyses by the Penn State Prevention Research Center and other researchers reflect that, for every $1.00 spent on high-quality programs, taxpayers receive savings related to child health, education, substance abuse and crime. Penn State researchers found an estimated average return of up to $12 million per community for a single program funded by Pennsylvania taxpayers – from $54 to nearly $80,000 per youth over time.



A mother enjoys painting with her children during a Parents as Teachers home visit.

EOTC’s Toddler Play & Learn Group offers fun learning activities for parents and children to engage in together.

A program participant proudly shows his certificate of completion after finishing the Incredible Years parenting series.